Sectional Planes & Exploded Views
Object Morph
Object Morph II
Drawing Cubes Using Linear Perspective
Visualizing Toys: Duplo Paraline and Orthographic Drawing
Letterforms & Intersections: Adding and Subtracting from the Cube
Creating a Space
Invented Object: Narrative I
Invented Object: Narrative II
Memorial Project
Botanical Drawings
Movement Drawings
Winter 2018
Contour drawing of organic forms on a patterned surface. Pencil on Paper September 14th 2017
Compressed Space line drawing. Pencil on Paper September 21st 2017
Self-portrait in line contour. Pencil on Paper September 26th 2017
Book topography: Eye level, repetition, movement, and invention using closely related forms . Extended line drawing of books--opened, stacked, tilted, fanned, composed so that they become a landscape through which the viewer is invited to move and explore. Pencil on Paper. October 2ng 2017.
Ellipse Drawing. Line drawing of plastic cocktail glasses, cups, glasses, plates, jars; full, empty, stacked, strewn, set. Pencil on Paper October 10th 2017
Structural study of fabric covered volumes. Pencil and Canti on Paper November 7th 2017
Paper Bags and Organic Forms. Simple organic forms possessing fullness of volume, drawn using directional hatching, careful layering of marks for rich tonality. Pencil and Charcoal on Paper November 14th 2017
Composition with five given objects. Fully developed tonal range. Compositional inventiveness, multiple viewpoints / eye levels. Pencil on Paper November 21st 2017
Rackham Building angle drawing. Pencil on paper. December 17th 2017.
Fall 2018 
Girls Part II
Practice sketches with watercolors
Summer 2017

These landscapes, although small, (9x3") were a lot of fun for me to paint. Traveling around Pittsburgh, discovering new areas and places, I brought my small oil kit with me and did short small paintings of the various places I visited. The colors are particularly appealing to me because of the versatility one city can have. From green hills, to and old iron mill, Pittsburgh includes so many beautiful places. These pieces were a new experience for me. I had not had a whole lot of experience with oils and I wanted to get to know the texture and feel before committing to a long term piece. These were just small palette knife pieces that I love for their color, versatility, and rough detail.

Summer 2016

Inspired from visit to Salvador Dali and Picasso Museum in Spain. Use of Acrylics, Oils, and String.

July 2016

Playing with color combinations as well as trying to make a statement about perceived beauty of women in America: that they have to be thin and hairless in order to have a happy and social existence. I experimented with stitching yarn into the piece to add another dimension. 

Girls Part I

Painting (Oil, Acrylics, and Yarn) and Sketches (Colored Pencil and Pen) 

This painting was my first experimentation with mixing medias on canvas. I thought it was very interesting to stitch into the painting in order to add another dimension and texture. Although the yarn did not turn out exactly as I wanted it to it was a valuable learning experience. I learned a lot from this piece and am excited to enter a new unique combination of mediums. I hope to continue to improve on my embroidery skills. I have seen other artists that are able to use yarn and twine to shade and I hope that one day I will get to the point where it adds another aspect to aide in the painting's visual impression.

May 2016

Magazine Collage with Sketches 2016
This was something fun I did while on a bus. I like the negative effect the ripped white paper gives and I was just having fun with the paper while I was sketching. I drew this because I felt like just having a loose fun, no over thinking, drawing.
November-October 2016
Blind Contour Sketches 2016
I love this piece because I love fun exercises like not being able to pick up your pen during sketching, or not looking at your paper. These are so much fun and don't allow you to overthink your pieces. These 5 minute exercises teach me to appreciate basic contours and features. This sketch I particularly like because it give two angles of the model. Two different perspectives give the viewer a better idea of how the model looked. The messy scrawls are beautiful to me because of their spontaneity and the ability to strip a image to just its skeleton.
November 2016
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