Still figuring it out.
My cat Gandalf.
No matter how many pots I throw or still-lifes I sketch, I will never be able to quell the burning ache in me to keep creating, keep experimenting, keep learning. This is especially evident in my pottery. Small cups and rough asymmetrical bowls have transformed into a more sophisticated attempt that considers every step of the pottery process. Currently, I work on perfecting the throwing aspect, but I also have broadened my knowledge of glazes. My love for chemistry has inspired me to make my own glazes and recipes which, through trial and error, I have meticulously developed. My prized recipe is Woo Blue Rutile and is my own rendition of Shiao's Golden Blue Collection. The turquoise wash varies depending on the type of clay and firing pattern. Every time I open the kiln, I am greeted by a new batch of aqua blue textures and colors which are unlike any piece I have produced before. My pottery attempts to mimic Native American stoneware pieces and traditionalist Japanese porcelain while adding my personal signature. Different aspects of both styles are very appealing to me: the clean lines and tall thin foot of Japanese porcelain, and the natural smokey glaze style of the Native Americans.  
My pottery features a semi-developed pattern, but I have yet to find my medium for my paintings.  Inspired by natural hues, while also obsessed with bright acrylics, most of my work is purely experimental. My ultimate goal for my future work is to keep experimenting and discovering. I love to combine various mediums, and the more I learn and master one medium, the closer I am able to unite it with another. Recently I have been trying to merge pottery and photo transfer. To silkscreen an image onto a thrown piece is an inspiring collaboration, but I am still experimenting with the silkscreen aspect. I am inspired by so many things around me, yet I still yearn for the clarity to portray them in my art.

I have long tried to establish a theme to bridge across my pieces, but I am still young, new to the world and experiencing amazing things every day. With each experience, my art transforms with me. My artwork represents my journey throughout life, how I have evolved. Since I was a toddler, I have been producing masterpieces. Today, I still consider those pieces artwork, but I realize how art can represent so much more than just expression. Art can make a statement, introduce new theories, and change the world. Art transcends language between peoples and that is one of the most inspiring, intrinsic aspects. It unites people, forms communities, and fosters relationships. I have yet to find a purpose for my art. Just as I am experimenting every day with new mediums and perfecting my craft, I am experimenting with my purpose. I aim to one day be able to have anyone look at my art and experience a connection with it and have a visceral experience where they innately know my purpose, but I have not yet figured out how I can do this. However I continue to grow and learn my purpose. As Justin Bieber eloquently says in his song:
“I put my heart into your hands
Learn the lessons you teach
No matter what, wherever I am
You're not hard to reach
And you've given me the best gift
That I've ever known
You give me purpose everyday
You give me purpose in every way.”
-Justin Bieber

Art reminds me of a big production of Rocky Horror. All types of people attend. People you never would have thought to enjoy transvestite musical numbers are present in fishnet tights and lace up corsets. It brings people together from across communities. No matter your job or religion or political views, you are always accepted at Rocky Horror. Once you step through those theater doors, you are no longer a large group of strangers, you have become Transylvanian's, together: Everyone knows the words and dance moves, when to throw toast at the screen or when to cover your head with newspaper. Together you are one with each other. This is symbolic of what art is. It brings people together no matter how diverse or different their lives may be. It brings people to one place, to one experience, one essence.
Like in Rocky Horror, all artists make art for one main reason: they enjoy it. This is why I make my art. I make my pieces because it is what I enjoy. It has become a part of who I am, and without it in my life, I wouldn’t feel like myself. To work with my hands, to feel the clay between my fingers, gives me pleasure. The moment I am immersed in my art, the rest of my existence is irrelevant. It brings me happiness through peace of mind. The impulse to create is part of my identity, and I do not think I will ever be able to pinpoint why. Whether it is a therapeutic action, escape from reality, desire for admiration, a religious practice, or a force of habit, I will always make art.

Sugnu all'ultimu di me viaggi.
Ci pensu e dicu, 
non po' essiri,
si sugnu davanti ô mari
cu suli ntall'occhi
e a speranza ntô cori.
Ma un ghiornu Ignaziu
si fa un viaggiu
cu un cavaddu biancu
chi vola e non si ferma mai.
Si si ferma è mortu...
La morti esisti;
non ci po' essiri nascita
si non c'è morti.
E io sugnu filici
chi nascivu nno un munnu
accussi granni ca diventa
sempri cchiù nicu.
E non c'è dubbiu
ca attraversu i seculi
si scoprinu munni cchiù granni
e cchiù beddi di chistu.
Cu omini cchiù intelligenti
e cu fimmini cchiù beddi.
Dumani si mi incuntrati
mi diciti: Ignaziu ragiuni avevi
e a vita continua megghiu di prima.

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