Wheel thrown forms and experimentation with high fire glazes
November 2018 - January 2019
Ceramics I: Ritual Sets
Sake Set I and II
November 2018
Full earthenware tea set glazed with home made high fire Woo Blue Brown
December 2016
High Fire Pottery with various glazes, some homemade. Porcelain and Stoneware This is my all time favorite collection I have ever thrown. I have found it to be the perfect variety of shapes and use one of them almost everyday for eating my breakfast cereal out of. The thickness is perfect, and I love how you can feel the groves left by my hands on the outside of the pot from when I threw it. This collection includes a piece that was my first to be fired in a salt kiln and this experience was new and exciting. I love the texture the soda left on my piece during the firing process. All the colors that intermingle in the glaze always interests me and I will never tire of looking at it. It was also my first piece to have perfected my trimming technique of having a very small Japanese style foot on the bottom. 
Awarded a Honorable Mention in visual arts by Scholastic Art and Writing This also includes several handmade glazes I created and mixed myself. I love the blues and greens together and how various glazes still react with each other to create a new texture.
October 2016

I blew these glasses while interning with the Pittsburgh Glass Center. I love the Center and they have given me many opportunities. Glass blowing is a very hard art form and I was able to learn so much from the resident artists. They taught me not just how to blow glass, but how to utilize frit and all about the complex temperature medium that is glass. This were my favorite creations from my internship because of the range of sizes and shapes. Their are so many forms a glass can take, and I included these three because they demonstrate just a few of the forms I was able to explore.

September 2016

Salt Fire Bowl

August 2015

Tenmoku and Albany Form

Won honorable mentions in 2015 Scholastic Arts competition.

August 2015

Cinnamon Teapot

My first teapot thrown on the wheel I was determined to try my best. I was excited to give it a try and see how the glaze came out along with my new technique for throwing handles, lids, and spouts. It came out wonderfully from the High Fire and I was excited to see how the two glazes I used mixed. It was my first teapot and lead me into a new field of throwing more than just conventional shapes on the potters wheel. It will always be a favorite piece of mine and I feel like it is a excellent example of how far I have come and my versatility.

Awarded a Silver Key in visual arts by Scholastic Art and Writing

August 2014

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