Work inspired by seclusion and atmosphere induced the COVID quarantine. 
Multi-layer screen print with color reactive dye on cotton. 
Mercurial World

9x12 4 Color Mokuhanga Printr

The lava lamp has flexible ever evolving organic shapes that morph and change as they travel up and down the inside of the lamp. These organic shapes help me calm down in that they, in a way, are a small universe itself very much like my own. The shapes are always changing and unpredictable like my own life, especially during the pandemic. The enclosed universe the lamp represent reminds me that the world is forever unpredictable but is beautiful in this way. Shapes are constantly moving and joining each other that is beautifully incalculable and calming just like the elements and people in my own life.
“Customizable Pet Rock” The pet rock is an easy and stress-free project that personifies an inanimate object. I hoped with this project to not only highlight how lonely social distancing and isolation is, but also by creating an easy to make friend that is customizable for each person, and lessen that lonely feeling a little. With accessories and such to choose from, each rock is unique and therefore specially made for their owner. Although it is an inanimate object, sometimes the only thing we need is to talk something out, and the “Customizable Pet Rock” is perfect for that. They do not ask questions or interrupt making them perfect to vent to.  This companion may be unorthodox, but just saying our problems out loud can sometimes help us to figure them out, even if it is only a rock that is listening.
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