Robin and Blue Bird Necklace Memorial
Lost wax carving technique with sterling silver and selective enamel.
January 2022
In My Head
Stopmotion Animation/Indesign and Adobe Premiere
September 2021
High fire glaze experimentation on a variety of clay bodies. 
November 2018 - January 2019
Full Moon Hair Charm
Sterling Silver with Spray Enamel
November 2019
Ceramics I: Ritual Sets
Sake Set I and II, Earthenware with cone 9 glazes.
November 2018
Root Deep
Self Portrait Print, 18"x24" Black and White Linoleum Relief S
September 2018
Winter 2018
Conceptual Drawings, Pencil and Copic Marker
Fall 2017
Visual Drawings, Pencil
Anaphase Experiment 
Left: linoleum practice prints
Right: preliminary sketches - India Ink and Watercolor
Winter 2017
House Birds
Linocuts on Cards
June 2017
Earthenware High Fire Tea Set 
Custom Woo Blue Brown Glaze
December 2016
High Fire Pottery with various glazes, some homemade. 
Porcelain and Stoneware 
Awarded an Honorable Mention in visual arts by Scholastic Art and Writing This also includes several handmade glazes I created and mixed myself. I love the blues and greens together and how various glazes still react with each other to create a new texture.
October 2016
Tenmoku and Albany Form
Won honorable mentions in 2015 Scholastic Arts competition
August 2015
Cinnamon Teapot
Awarded a Silver Key in visual arts by Scholastic Art and Writing
August 2014
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