This was a multi-media video project based on a poem meant to explore the various struggles one with anxiety may face going through an average day. I had been struggling greatly with finding purpose in my art because of my depression and because of the large foreboding wall it had over me. I decided to channel this in to a 4d experience.
My project examined the meaning behind the poem that described the building of anxiety and fear one may feel off the unknown. How outside stimuli, environment and social situations can cause spikes in anxiety as well as how people and experiences may add to this.  These ideas were expressed by using harsh lighting and environmental shadows to mimic the paranoia and tunnel vision one feels along with the aggressive mindset prevalent during anxiety attacks. I utilized extreme close ups and still videos to reduce distraction, bring focus to the text and create a sense of static that one gets after not leaving a confined space for a while; as the stir crazy starts to build.
The poem is written by a fellow artist and I take no credit for it. The video was inspired from it as a visual interpretation. 
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