In Loving Memory
Lucky L. Sidewalk

Unknown - 2022
This performance piece sought to question why humans often grieve in such public and ritualistic forms when a loved one passes. By applying these same practices to a neighborhood squirrel, these somber traditions are seen through a novel lens. As the attendees were not acquainted with the deceased, the service acted as a blank page to experience and express mourning in their own ways. 

Casket/vault atop bier with kneeling cushion

State Room



Notes from bereaved
Social media postings & memorial service announcement
Burial Process
Special Thanks: Madeline Bertoy, Dylan Burkett, Katherine Walkowski, Mim Siegal & Service Attendees, and The Big Chemical Ensemble
cold pain with no grief
who can grant the right to mourn
winter always fades​​​​​​​
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