A research project focused on bringing attention to the homeless community of Ann Arbor. Through this project, I strived to create a public performance in which I openly interacted with a community many people my age like to ignore. By drawing these individuals and documenting their thoughts, I hope to show that we are not so different despite being on two sides of societal space.

i see you do, you see me?


Melvin & Jake, Trenton


'we ain't worth their time cause
we can't hold a job.'
your nikes were from the dead.
but you smile.
tell me how you just talked to
your daughter
for the first time
in eleven years.
i tell you I am happy for you.
as I finish my drawing,
i wonder, where will you be tonight.
'people never know what they want. 
and they walk up and down this street saying they ain't got time.'


Randal and Keith

Derrick was outside Walgreens today.
He was happy to see me, he even
remembered my name.
he smiled the whole time
i drew him.
We talked about the 'civilians'
'it's easy for them to ignore us.
we blend in.'


personal questions cost extra
Richard's usuals come
snickers from chief
ziploc of cigs from Suze
i don't get the same treatment
but he smiles and waves when i
go past, mumbling
appreciating a female walk by
'Check out the ice on aisle 3,
you're checking out the ice, i'll 
have some ice. and a pepsi.'



the future is so unsure
for everyone.
there is no future
planned for alistar
he says he's just waiting
for his family to find him
for his friends to care
for money to come
for a job he can do
he tells me he is waiting 
for death
everyone else forgot him.
Pages Scanned:
Special thanks to Dee, Alistar, Lit, Trenton, Jake & Melvin, John, Keith, Derrick, Richard, and Julia. Without your voices and time, this project would not be possible. I will treasure these moments.
Thanks to those who, although not pictured, still contributed valuable narratives and experiences which made this piece possible and wished to remain anonymous.
All pictures and drawings were taken with consent.
-Homeless population of the City of Pittsburgh and greater Ann Arbor Washtenaw County-
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